Hashtag domain name system

Hashtag domain name system

Hashtag Space is a hashtag domain name system built on a decentralized platform. We offer hashtag domain name sales for marketers, website owners, entrepreneurs, and resellers. Here, you can register your own hashtag domain in just a few quick steps, and, you, alone, will own that hashtag domain.  If the concept of hashtag domain names is new to you, and it seems a bit confusing, don’t let it overwhelm you.  Indeed, registering hashtags in the domain space does not need to be difficult.  The entire process is very simple, and we are going to explain it in detail here so that you can harvest the power and the benefits of our one-of-a-kind decentralized platform.  Here are the basics of how it works:

  • Hashtag domains must be a minimum of 3 characters, and special characters are currently not allowed, but we intend to make special characters available soon.  At this time, only upper and lower case letters may be used.  Also, hashtag domains have a limit of 40 characters.  
  • Hashtag domain names can be used in any browser, but you will need to use our plugin if you are not using our browser.  Our hashtag domains currently resolve in the #HashtagSpace #MetaGate browser.  Again, if you intend to use Chrome, Firefox, or IE, you will need to use our plugin.
  • All trademark domains are protected.  If you happen to register a trademarked domain and later learn that the domain has already been registered, you will be able to submit adequate proof to gain ownership of it.  Similarly, if you register a trademark as a hashtag domain, you could lose it if the legit owner of the trademark proves ownership.
  • Hashtag Space is reseller-friendly and is the new Gold Rush!  Hashtag domain name purchasers may list their domains and resell them at any price.  Hashtag Space will charge a small 5% cost-of-transfer fee that is deducted from the sale price.  There are zero limits to how many hashtag domain names any individual can purchase and use or resell.  The price to register a hashtag domain is 24.95 paid annually.  Users will receive a 33% discount if they pay in MHC!
  • All hashtag domains must be re-registered after 12 months.  If domains are not renewed, they will expire after one year and anyone else may purchase them.  You may register for several years at a time on the date of purchase.
  • Hashtag Space operates outside of the constraints of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).  Our decentralized platform is run on a peer-to-peer platform.
  • Hashtag Space and MetaHash users are permitted to advertise.  Advertisements are keyword based and placed in front of users who may be interested in what you offer based on their search history.  
  • When you register a domain on our hashtag domain name system, you should keep in mind that #domains are case sensitive.  For example, #LetsDoBusiness or #LETSDOBUSINESS.

Hashtag Space Offers Free SEO for Hashtag Domain Name Purchasers

One of the major perks that we offer is free SEO for those who register hashtag domain names with us.  When you register your hashtag domain name, you will receive 5 free keywords or search engine phrases to describe your domain, products, services, information, etc.  You may also purchase additional keywords at just $1/keyword!  All SEO keywords are managed by our robust SEO platform at https://blackwood.productions.

The Case for Decentralizing the Web

The importance of and the urgency for a decentralized web have never been more obvious than they are today!  Of course, the problem of Big Tech silencing and abusing people isn’t a new problem that has sprung up in Silicon Valley post-Trump era.  Gross Big Tech travesties can be traced all the way back to the days when IBM helped Hitler kill millions of Jews during the Holocaust.  Sadly, we are starting to see many parallels between the period when IBM and the Nazis collaborated to round up, persecute, and kill the Jews with Big Tech/social media/big corporate facisim today!  Indeed, the merger of large corporations and government is facism, by definition, and the centralized web is a key component of domination.  By that definition, if you support decentralized platforms, you are fighting facism.  Literally!

In addition to offering really cool and useful products/services, Hashtag Space and our parent company Meta Hash are doing our parts to decentralize the web and develop a robust decentralized platform that includes decentralized applications, decentralized social media, a decentralized web browser (metagate), decentralized finance (DeFi), and a decentralized crypto trading platform where users are safe from the aforementioned problems that plague centralized web users. 

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